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Moving House

Household Moving

Moving house is a convenient and hassle-free process thanks to our house moving service. Home goods moving service includes moving of products like furniture, glass, paints, Almira's, electronic devices, televisions, microwave ovens, soft goods like glasses and utensils and sensitive electronic items. All items are packed in suitable materials such as thermocol, cardboard sheets, bubble wrap, cartons, bags and wooden boxes. We at Perfect Safe Relocaton provide our clients with excellent packing and unpacking services required during relocation. This reduces the stress level and the possibility of any damage to the products. Our team of experts are well versed in packing and unpacking all kinds of goods as per the specifications specified by the clients. Unlike other packers and moving companies, we believe in doing the whole job more systematically.



Our punctual and hassle-free professional moving services are always appreciated in the industry. We provide the most efficient relocation management services to ensure a smooth transfer of workers. This allows us to minimize downtime leading to the smooth running of your business.


As with our services in other areas, we work as much as possible to ensure that your goods are not damaged, so that you do not lose your business or your employees' property. We use international standard packaging materials and advanced shipping to transport your goods. This minimizes the risk of injury and allows us to move your staff smoothly.

Movers Carrying Shelving Unit
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Car & Bike


Our main concern is to always deliver your car in EXCELLENT CONDITION, no matter what! To ensure this, we have designed our car carriers with all the safety measures that include safety chains and locks, wheel stops and seat belts. Your car is placed in these carriers using safety locks, chains and high-quality wheel stops.


After using specially designed and proven high-quality safety belts, the position of the car is maintained as it is in the carrier. In addition, our carriers are attached to a hydraulic ramp that can be moved, ensuring that your vehicle does not move in the carrier. As for the seats in your car, we cover the seats with our special covers and take care not to damage them.

Warehouse &


We have a large and spacious warehouse to cover a large amount of stock. Perfect Safe Relocation is known in Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore and other major cities of India for safe storage. Our warehouses are well maintained, ventilated and moisture free.


Our experts ensure that your goods are systematically stored in an environment with the best temperature and fire protection. In addition to storing the goods, we also ensure that your goods are delivered to the nearest distribution and sales center as soon as possible. Our warehouses have high ceilings, computerized control mechanism and are monitored by 24*7 security system.

Worker Lifting Cardboard Box
Worker Lifting Cardboard Box

Loading &


We also keep an inventory for each unloading and loading purpose to ensure we have the correct number of items and artifacts on paper and contact the customer immediately if there are any discrepancies.


Our teams of professional workers are kept up-to-date with specific item-specific handling methods that enable safe and efficient handling of items in our warehouses. In addition, supervisors are assigned at each loading and unloading dock to ensure that there is no compromise in the proper handling of workers' goods.

Packing &


We offer efficient and reliable professional packing and moving services that cover efficient packing and safe transportation to your home or office. All packing is done under the supervision of our experts who know the art of packing well enough to check for any damage during transit.

On-time delivery is a hallmark of our services. We Perfect Safe Relocation provide our clients with excellent packing and unpacking services required during relocation. This reduces the stress level and the possibility of any damage to the products.

Mover Packing
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